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    The main truck sales、The affiliated、Auto after-sales service as a whole,Long-term cooperation with many famous companies

    Gaoan xi ping logistics co., LTD. Is located in the city of jiangxi province gaoan trucks,China's freight、Perennial companies operating various brand truck sales、The driver friend,Enough money can provide payment by installment buying a car。

    The company existing liberation、Chunlan、The man、Valin,Jiang Huan、Dump,Single bridge、Two tow three,After eight rounds、The first four after four、After the first four of six、After the first four eight、After the first four 10 trucks, etc.

    Company perennial callings、The old and new car、Year of careful。Victory by wisdom,Win by DE,We are the good faith management,Company to survive、Development,If you want to win the trust of the driver friends across the country,I...

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    Good faith for this Mutual benefit and win-win

    Respect for cyclists:Hi, everybody!

    I am a pay levels、I didn't read many books、Drive so many drivers friends for years、I'm not a good at expression、Engaged in this industry because of local is the national famous freight、And I'm very clear want to do a good job in this line。Sincere to treat each trust my clients。To provide the good faith is supreme customer service、Specially IndustryTruck sales、Cool, please rest assured、The sale of cars and the price is normal、Cyclists have enough money to provide mortgage payments、To provide customersAnnHeartThe green channel。A lot of...


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    The key words:In the new truck sales、Consumer installment or mortgage、On the door、Change the name、Year of careful and a series of services

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